Google Summer of Code 2015 Project Ideas for Mozilla

Wednesday, January 21, 2015
Tags: GSoC, mozilla

As Florian announced last Thursday, now is the time to brainstorm and discuss project ideas for Google Summer of Code 2015. Mozilla has participated in every previous Google Summer of Code (GSoC), and hopes to participate again this year! In order to help ensure we’re selected, we need project ideas before February 20th, 2015!

There are always projects that we’re passionate about, but keep getting pushed down our ever growing to-do lists. GSoC is a great opportunity to introduce a new member to your team, and have a student work full time on a project for 3 months.

What makes a good project?
  • A project you’re passionate about and has a clear mentor.
  • It should take (a student) roughly 3 months to design, code, test, review, etc.
  • It should not be in the critical path to your next release/milestone.
  • Is related to any Mozilla project (e.g. Firefox, Firefox OS, Thunderbird, Instantbird, SeaMonkey, Bugzilla, l10n, NSS, QA, SUMO, Rust, and many more!)

Please add ideas you might have to the brainstorming page, eventually these ideas will move to the formal ideas page. Please ensure you read the directions at the top of the page.

I’d also like to thank Gerv for doing an awesome job for the past 10 years as the organization administrator. He is now passing the reins off to Florian and I, who are the new points of contact for GSoC at Mozilla. If you have any questions about GSoC, please check the FAQ and, if it is still not answered, please contact Florian or I directly.

For Students

The application period for students is March 16th, 2015 to March 27th, 2015. It is not too soon to start discussing ideas with a potential mentor/community, however. If you have an idea of what you’d like to work on, feel free to seek out that area of the community, introduce yourself and maybe find a mentored bug to work on.