Boston Python: Twisted async networking framework

Friday, August 28, 2015
Tags: community, programming, python, twisted

Yesterday, Stephen DiCato and I gave a talk for Boston Python titled: Twisted async networking framework. It was an introduction to intermediate level talk about using the Twisted networking framework based on our experiences at Percipient Networks.

The talk, available on our GitHub (PDF) covered a few basic topics:

  1. What is asynchronous programming?
  2. What is Twisted?
  3. When/why to use Twisted?
  4. What is the event loop (reactor)?
  5. What are Deferreds and how do you use them?
  6. What are protocols (and related objects) and how do you use them?

Additionally there was a ‘bonus’ section: Using Twisted to build systems & services.

We used an example of a very simple chat server (NetCatChat: where the official client is netcat) to demonstrate these principles. All of our (working!) demo code is included in the repository.

There was a great turn out (almost 100 people showed up) and I greatly enjoyed the experience. Thanks to everyone who came, the sponsors for the night, Boston Python for setting this up, and Stephen for co-presenting! Please let us know if you have any questions or comments.