celery-batches 0.4 released!

Monday, November 30, 2020
Tags: celery, celery-batches

Earlier today I released a version 0.4 of celery-batches with support for Celery 5.0. As part of this release support for Python < 3.6 was dropped and support for Celery < 4.4 was dropped.

celery-batches is a small library that allows you process multiple calls to a Celery task together. The batches can be processed based on a count of task calls or a timer. It started as an update of the celery.contrib.batches code to support Celery 4.0+ and has grown to support some additional features.

The project was also transferred on GitHub to my personal namespace (from my previous employer). Realistically it was maintained by me already and this is just a formality. As part of this release the documentation is now available on Read the Docs.