django-querysetsequence 0.14 released!

Friday, February 26, 2021
Tags: django, django-querysetsequence

django-querysetsequence 0.14 has been released with support for Django 3.2 (and Python 3.9). django-querysetsequence is a Django package for treating multiple QuerySet instances as a single QuerySet, this can be useful for treating similar models as a single model. The QuerySetSequence class supports much of the API available to QuerySet instances.

The marquee features of this release are:

The full changelog is included below:


  • Support Django 3.2 (#78, #81)
  • Support Python 3.9. (#78)
  • Support the values() and values_list() methods. (#73, #74)
  • Support the distinct() method when each QuerySet instance is from a unique model. Contributed by @jpic. (#77, #80)
  • Add Sphinx documentation which is available at Read the Docs.



  • Add an additional test for the interaction of order_by() and only(). (#72)
  • Support Django REST Framework 3.12. (#75)
  • Switch continuous integration to GitHub Actions. (#79)
  • Drop support for Python 3.5. (#82)