Hello! I’m Patrick Cloke, a software developer. I work as a backend engineer at Element furthering the Matrix ecosystem. Previous jobs include The MITRE Corporation (working on sensors systems, mostly radar, and systems engineering); Strongarm by Percipient Networks, later WatchGuard Technologies (working on cybersecurity solutions for medium-sized businesses).

I have been part of the Mozilla community since around 2006, with my first direct contribution in 2008. From ~2008 to ~2016 I was inolved with Instantbird, an instant messaging application using the libpurple backend and the Firefox frontend. I fixed my first bug for that in 2010 and eventually rewrote the IRC support for it; eventually the work from Instantbird was merged into Thunderbird‘s chat feature. Since ~2017 I have been very involved in the Thunderbird community, including being a part of the Thunderbird Council since 2017.

You can also check out the other projects I’ve been involved in.

You can find me on the Internet below: