A new maintainer for django-allauth-2fa

Friday, May 7, 2021
Tags: django, django-allauth-2fa

I’m excited to announce the django-allauth-2fa project has a new maintainer! It can now be found under the valohai organization on GitHub, who have already contributed quite a bit to the package.

This project lets you easily add two-factor authentication to a Django project using django-allauth.

As a bit of history, this package was originally created by Víðir Valberg Guðmundsson. The package was then adopted by a previous employer, Strongarm (while there I gave a talk at Django Boston about it). After acquisition we were phasing out support for our own login (which I’m not actually sure if this has been finished or not), but were not really maintaining the package. Aarni Koskela asked about taking over maintainance and we gratefully have transferred it to them!

There’s much more you could do with this package so I’m quite happy to see it in the hands of someone actively using it!